Schedule for Radcon 7B

Here is my schedule for Radcon 2018.  I am excited upon excite to be invited to Radcon, and am looking forward to sitting on these panels with friends (both current and future)!


Fri Feb 16 3:15:pm 2311 (Fan Suite) (Re)Tired Genres?
Crissy Moss Deby Fredericks Gibbitt Rhys-Jones Julie McGalliard Michael Ehart Noire, Vampires, Zombies…. What are some of the tired genres? Ones you think should be retired, and why they are not.
Fri Feb 16 5:45:pm 2209 The Miracle of Critique
Frances Pauli Gibbitt Rhys-Jones Kamila Miller S. Evan Townsend Vanessa MacLellan Afraid of criticism? You shouldn’t be. If you’re writing to be read, your first round of readers should be those who care about your success and are willing to offer their honest suggestions. Learn how giving and receiving critiques is a necessary tool for every writer’s toolkit. Learn where to find writer’s workshops, what to look for in a writer’s group, and how to find or start one. Come and discover why the honest, constructive opinions of others allows your story or novel to become the best it can be.
Fri Feb 16 7:00:pm 2205 Avoid These Grammar Mistakes
Frog Jones Gibbitt Rhys-Jones S. Evan Townsend Sanan Kolva Vanessa MacLellan What is a comma splice? How do you use a semicolon? Does anyone care about the Oxford comma? Learn about common grammar mistakes and how to avoid them as picky writers and editors tell you the mysteries of the dangling participle.
Fri Feb 16 8:15:pm 2207 Questions you always wanted to ask: Editor
Esther Jones Frog Jones Gibbitt Rhys-Jones Laurel Anne Hill Sanan Kolva Do we really have horns under our hats? Do we really enjoy torturing writers? Are we really as mean as people say? What have you always wanted to ask an editor, but have been too afraid to, or not known any to ask.
Sat Feb 17 9:00:am 2201 Mythology and Art
Cassaundra Excell Gibbitt Rhys-Jones Tamra Excell Ty Hulse For thousands of years mythology has inspired our greatest works of art.
Sat Feb 17 4:30:pm 2207 Questions you always wanted to ask: Writer
Bobbie Benton Hull Deby Fredericks Gibbitt Rhys-Jones Jaleta Clegg Sara A. Mueller They are your questions, they are their answers. Some are going to be fun, and others serious. This is up to you, the audience.
Sat Feb 17 7:00:pm 2205 The State of the Whoniverse: Doctor Who in 2018 and Beyond
Eric Gjovaag Gibbitt Rhys-Jones Jack of all Arts “Doctor Who” now has a new Doctor, new companions, a new showrunner, and yet another new lease on life. Find out what’s happening with the show’s upcoming season, and what might happen after that.
Sat Feb 17 8:15:pm Sage Geek Boys vs. Geek Girls: An Empathetic Look at Gender in the Geek Community
Gibbitt Rhys-Jones Synthia Caldwell Through the 70s, 80s, and 90s, geeks banded together against an oppressive world that mistreated us and refused to understand us. We created acceptance and friends where previously we had only experienced bullying and ostracism. Now some geeks feel oppressed by a new threat: feminism. Except, the threat isn’t new. And it isn’t a threat. Male geeks and geek feminists have more in common than we have different. Let’s discuss the intersectionality of the geek cause with the feminist cause, and why inclusion, not busty body armor, should be the common interest that holds the geek community together.
Sat Feb 17 9:30:pm 2209 Positive Touch: Positive Depictions of Sex
Carly Rossi Cassandra Loomis Gibbitt Rhys-Jones Kamila Miller Lovett, John Since the 60’s our culture has been re-examining sexual norms, everything from fidelity and monogamy to BDSM and gay marriages. A frank discussion about changing attitudes toward sex, relationships, the cultural battles being waged and what it means.
Sun Feb 18 11:30:am 2209 Special Effects on the Cheap
Christine Barkl Gibbitt Rhys-Jones Harry Marsh Kurbii KahlevRa Pope, Eric You don’t have very many resources to spend on special fx make up, what do you do? Listen to amateur make up artists what there is around the house that can be made into costumes with little or no prep or money, incl, how to make your daily make up work for it.
Sun Feb 18 12:45:pm 2201 So You Want to Start a Convention
Eric Gjovaag Gene Armstrong Gibbitt Rhys-Jones The title says it all. Come learn about how to start your own convention.



See y’all there!!!


Schedule for Rustycon 35

So, one of my favorite things to do is put myself into stressful situations.  One of those situations is Rustycon.  I was Vice Chair this year.  I had stepped down from being programming.  I only have FOUR panels this year.  Three of them are required of the Vice Chair.

Here’s my schedule!

Fri Jan 12 4:00:pm Snoqualmie Opening Ceremonies
“Gibbitt” Rhys-Jones, David Langmack Gene Armstrong Jonathan Tweet Katie Croonenberghs Lee Fuller North Come join us to find out what is happening, meet the GOHs and hear from our Chairs. You never know what surprising things may happen at the Opening Ceremonies.
Sat Jan 13 8:00:pm Salon H Writing Kink, Inserting a Little Practicality into your Fantasy
“Gibbitt” Rhys-Jones Mike Birch Sarah Steever As much as Kink has been a part of fantasy and erotica for centuries of writing, modern readers only have 50 Shades of Grey as a popular reference for the Kink Lifestyle. People experienced in that lifestyle can tell you how inaccurate those books are, so how can you write kink in a way that is both hot, and realistic? Come talk to writers experienced in the lifestyle to discuss some of the real experienced people have when practicing kink, and how that can reflect in your writing.
Sun Jan 14 3:00:pm Snoqualmie Slugs & Salt
“Gibbitt” Rhys-Jones David Langmack Lee Fuller Tell members of Concom what you think about Rustycon 35 and what you would like to see at Rustycon 36.
Sun Jan 14 4:00:pm Snoqualmie Closing Ceremonies
“Gibbitt” Rhys-Jones,  David Langmack Gene Armstrong Jonathan Tweet Katie Croonenberghs Lee Fuller North Come Say goodbye and see what we have planned for next year! Also to include volunteer awards



There IS more to come in a bit.  I’ve been working on several articles in my head!

My Orycon 39 Schedule

Hello, my friends!

I know I haven’t posted in a while.  I am going to get back to it as soon as my life settles a bit.

Meanwhile, here is my schedule:


Fri Nov 17 4:00pm Pettygrove
Enjoying Your First Con
Haven’t been here before? Learn some tips for having a good time.
Fri Nov 17 5:00pm White Stag
Writing and Art for the RPG Industry
A how-to workshop on what it is like to work for the RPG industry.
Fri Nov 17 7:00pm White Stag
Limits of Inclusivity
In fandom we try to be inclusive, but some behaviors do not deserve to be included. How can we promote a welcoming con culture without making someone feel unwelcome?
Fri Nov 17 8:00pm White Stag
Putting the Play Back into Role-playing
Gaming should be more than button mashing or dice rolling, shouldn’t it?
Fri Nov 17 9:00pm  Lion Kings Den – 266
Flirting 101
Expert advice for those looking to improve their interpersonal skills.
Sat Nov 18 12:00pm White Stag
Gender and Gaming
How to play with friends of all genders, regardless of your own. What are some things to keep in mind when world building. Create experiences that all friends can feel great playing.
Sat Nov 18 5:00pm Lion Kings Den – 266
Creating Convention Policies
What policies does your convention need to help it run smoothly? How do you decide when a policy has been violated and what to do about it?
Sat Nov 18 6:00pm Lion Kings Den – 266
Crossover Fandom
Have you attended a gaming convention? How about a mystery convention? Come and learn about other fandoms in the area.
Sat Nov 18 9:00pm Lion Kings Den – 266
Flirting 102
Advanced expert advice for those looking to improve their interpersonal skills.
Sun Nov 19 12:00pm White Stag
Going to a Game Con
What’s different from showing up at OryCon and plonking yourself in the game room.



5 Minute Mirror -BOAW Original 

About 5 years ago, I started renovating my in laws house for my husband, my roommate and myself to all move into.  (I did NOT do this alone…. I was helping the general contractor). It was a cool project, and I wanted to have a hand in it so I knew how to fix things when they went wrong.

I was living in a house that had small mirrors… and going into a house that had mirrored closet doors in the master bedroom… mirrored closet doors.  4 7 foot tall doors, mirrored, in the room I was going to sleep in.

4 of these doors.  My room is a bit of a mess


The main bathroom had ginormous mirrors as well, and a mirrored wall (made of mirrored tiles).

Okay… so my house is a bit of a mess.

That’s a fuck-load of mirrors for a fat woman to be looking at herself in.

We renovated the “master bathroom” (a half bath)… and put two mirrored cabinets, and a giant round mirror on the wall.  When you open one of the cabinets, BAM, two more mirrors.  I have a lot of mirrors.  I like mirrors, I like the way they look.  Two of my smaller mirrors are from my parents.

From my mum.


From my step dad

The reason I bring this up, is because 5 years ago, as I was going back to the room (we were renovating the “weight room” into an office), I slowly noticed how my shirts began getting loose. I could actually wear my 3x shirts!

Then, disaster, I had a gall stone the size of my thumb, and the surgery didn’t go so well… and I was on my ass in a LaZboy for 5 weeks, weight back on.

When we moved in, I couldn’t get away from the mirrors.  The big one in the bathroom was in front of the shower… and the mirrored closet was on my side of the bed.  So, I decided that it was important I no longer cast my eyes away from my body.  I was alright with my face, but my body… that was another story.  I decided to start sitting on the bed, in just my underwear (no bra) staring at myself.  Getting to know myself.  (I chose to do it by just observing, some people get more “hands on”.)

It was really hard.

I mean, really REALLY hard.  I started looking at my imperfections.  My boobs aren’t the same size, one hangs lower, my belly hangs over, and not evenly.  My legs are veiny, my knees are weird, what the fuck is THAT???

I started at 2 minutes… I wasn’t allowed to take my eyes off my body for 2 minutes.  Every couple weeks it got longer.  It got to 5 minutes, and a little longer, and I quit seeing the imperfections as imperfections.  I started seeing them as me.  Me.  As in I am beautiful.  I am fat, have my long face days, but I am beautiful.

I see a small divet where my waist is supposed to be.  I used to bemoan the fact that I went from an hour glass to a keg shape… but there is a divet!  I have a waist! Yeah, my boobs are still uneven, my belly still hangs over unevenly, and my legs are still veiny, and I’m still not sure what the fuck THAT is… but, I love everything about me.  Including my backside.  Not just my bum.  Yeah, it could be smaller, or more pert (oh, hell, EVERYTHING could be more “pert”… but I’m not 20 anymore).  As I wrote in an earlier blog… I even like my stretch marks.

It’s still at about 5 minutes a day, when I wake up or before I go to sleep, or when I’m about to get into the shower…  I think I’m beautiful now.  I really do, and I think it really loud.

Maybe someday I’ll actually say it.


Beauty of a Woman BlogFest VI

This post is part of the Beauty of a Woman BlogFest VI! To read more entries, and potentially win a fun prize, visit the fest page on August’s McLaughlin’s site between today and 11pm PST March 11th.

My Panel Schedule for Radcon 7A

I’m speaking at Radcon 7A (February 17 – 19, 2017)!!!

I know, I know… a little close to be posting it, but… here it is!

Time Room Panel
Fri Feb 17 5:45:pm 2205 Historical Fantasy
Hennig, Jeanine Hill, Laurel Anne Rhys-Jones, Gibbitt Vanessa MacLellan Historical fantasy is set in real historical time that incorporates fantastic elements (such as magic) into the narrative. Jonathan Strange & Mr Norrell, the Historian, Outlander, Abraham Lincoln Vampire Hunter are just a few examples. Let’s talk Historical fantasy. How accurate does the history have to be? How much fantasy elements does it need? Any favorites?
Fri Feb 17 8:15:pm Harvest Makeup fx on the cheap
Briggs, Laura Calkins, Amy Langdell, Jess Mclean, Adam Rhys-Jones, Gibbitt  Got a passion for makeup or just want a cool costume? Don’t have the money for ALL the makeups? Relax, come listen to some awesome people tell and show you how to reuse your everyday makeup as show makeup.
Fri Feb 17 9:30:pm 2209 Understanding the SF Alternative communities
Excell, Tamra Flesher, Luna Jackson, Craig Rhys-Jones, Gibbitt  What do the group marriage NEST in Stranger in a Strange Land, the Multi Generational Line Marriage in Moon is a Harsh Mistress and Lazarus Long’s family in Time Enough for Love, all have in common? Relationships that are not just one man and one woman – that’s what! Come sit down in this round table environment and talk about the different lifestyles that interest you.
Sat Feb 18 12:45:pm 2209 Women and LGBTQA in Gaming
Caille, Jensen Caldwell, Synthia Olin, Kirsten Quinn, Sara Rhys-Jones, Gibbitt  Women and the LGBTQA community are a growing force in the gaming world. Come discuss how to get involved as a woman or LGBTQA, challenges we face and solutions for those tough situations.
Sat Feb 18 2:00:pm 2201 Research, not just for scholars anymore
Guizzetti, Elizabeth Hennig, Jeanine McCaffrey, Todd Rhys-Jones, Gibbitt Townsend, S. Evan It used to be that research was only available in libraries, but now, with the internet, you should not have inconsistencies with your books. Why do some authors do research and others not?
Sat Feb 18 5:45:pm 2201 Editing: the toughest part of writing
Clegg, Jaleta Kolva, Sanan Reynolds-Ward, Joyce Rhys-Jones, Gibbitt Taylor, Bruce Editing. You have the editors, and you have the writer… how do you make both happy?
Sat Feb 18 7:00:pm 2201 Writer’s workshop
Hill, Laurel Anne Johnson, Judy Jones, Peter Rhys-Jones, Gibbitt Wilmerding, Elizabeth Submit the first 10 pages of your novel or a short story (approx. 8000 words) or 3 flash fiction (approx. 500-1000 words) pieces to a panel of previously published writers or editors. We will read your work and provide constructive comments to help you move forward. Space limit: 10
Sat Feb 18 9:30:pm Harvest Poly Hangout
Excell, Tamra, Jackson, Craig Loomis, Cassandra Martin, Barbara Olin, Kirsten Rhys-Jones, Gibbitt Wiley, Kevin Polyamory support and hangout. Meet some real poly people in an open hang out. First half hour will be discussing what poly is, the rest of the time will be mingling and talking to people who are poly and discovering what it is about.
Sun Feb 19 10:15:am 2207 Writing furry.
Armstrong, Gene Caille, Jensen Pauli, Frances Rhys-Jones, Gibbitt  Writing the anthromorphs back into your stories.
Sun Feb 19 11:30:am 2201 Writing with Dyslexia
Bennett, Jeanette Jones, Esther Jones, Peter Rhys-Jones, Gibbitt Rounds, Mark Dyslexic Writer is not the incongruous oxymoron it sounds like. We will discuss tricks to help you with your short comings as well as how to best use your creative gifts.

Hope I see you there! (through all the snow… and ice…and cold…)



My panel schedule at Rustycon 34

Hello!  I am speaking at Rustycon!

Fri Jan 13 3:00:pm Seattle 1 Panelists panel
“Gibbitt” Rhys-Jones Ari Goldstein Gene Armstrong Raven Oak  What do I do on a panel?  What’s a moderator, and how do I do that???  Come to the Panelists’ panel, and hear from experienced panelist who won’t steer you wrong!
Sat Jan 14 5:00:pm Everett The LGBTQ Community in the fandom.
“Gibbitt” Rhys-Jones Amber Clark April Daniels Gene Armstrong  Would it surprise you how big the LGBTQ fandom is.
Sat Jan 14 6:00:pm Renton Understanding the SF Alternative communities
“Gibbitt” Rhys-Jones Mike Birch Richard Gilmore Sheree Robinson  What do the group marriage NEST in Stranger in a Strange Land, the Multi Generational Line Marriage in Moon is a Harsh Mistress and Lazarus Long’s family in Time Enough for Love, all have in common? Relationships that are not just one man and one woman – that’s what! Come sit down in this round table environment and talk about the different lifestyles that interest you.
Sun Jan 15 1:00:pm Tacoma Working with an editor
“Gibbitt” Rhys-Jones Tod McCoy William (Morrigan) Lehman  Whether you are sending stories down what feels like a black hole of unappreciative markets, or struggling with making changes to the novel you’ve been living with night and day for years, writers don’t always know what to make of editors. Editors, at their best, are partners with writers, not adversaries — even though it can sometimes feel that way. Come hear what editors think their job is and what they can do for you.
Sun Jan 15 3:00:pm Snoqualmie  Slugs n Salt
“Gibbitt” Rhys-Jones Lee Fuller Michael J. Kenmir  What were your favorite parts of this years convention?  What can we improve upon?  Please come and let us know!

That’s it.  That’s all I’m scheduled!

I have learned that if you’re Head of ANYTHING on a convention… don’t give yourself too many panels.  I am the Head of Programming for Rustycon, and after 3 conventions, I have learned.

Rustycon ( is a non-profit science fiction/fantasy convention that is by the fans and their love of all things science fiction and fantasy, FOR the fans of the same.


This year’s Guests of Honor are Robin Hobb, Bill Doran, and Michaela Eaves.  We have some SPECTATULAR Pros and panelists, including a last minute one for gamers, Bruce Cordell. A week ago, he said he’d like to come, but only for Saturday!

Please check it out!


Beautiful Mugs! (sales post)

So, I’m very pleased to announce that my husband’s publishing company, Dragondyne Publishing, has a guest artist for mugs.  Artist Gillian Hanington has painted some beautiful mandalas that have been turned into mugs (one of which you have seen one of these holding my coffee), and we signed an agreement with her.  We are selling them for a limited time only!

You must order these by the 10th of December in order to get them by the 23rd.  If you can do pick up, you have till the 15th.

1.    cc00sepiasfinal   CC00SEPIAS (6 mugs) $85+S&H

2.       cc01rsidefinal     CC01R $25+S&H

3.      cc02rfinal       CC02R $25+S&H

4.     cc03rfinal     CC03R $25+S&H

5.    cc04rfinal      CC04R $25+S&H

6.   cc05bfinal      CC05B $25+S&H

7.   cc07rfinal    CC07R $25+S&H

8.  cc08bfinal     CC08B $25+S&H

9.   cc10bfinal      CC10B $25+S&H

10. cc13bfinal  CC13B $25+S&H

11.   cc14bfinal CC14B $25+S&H

12.   cc16rfinal    CC16R $25+S&H

13.   cc17rfinal   CC17R $25+S&H

14.   cc18bfinal   CC18B $25+S&H

Buy 12 of the large cups, get one free!

We are so excited that she has joined us, even for this limited time.  As is she!  She is designing Dragondyne Publishing mugs for us as well!

Email with what you want, and I’ll send you a PayPal receipt.