Westercon 69 Panelist Schedule

My Westercon 69 Schedule:

Conventions of the Pacific Northwest
Ross Island
1:00:pm – 2:00:pm
Where do you go when you’re not going to your local convention? Come find out the wide range of geekalicious events the Pacific Northwest has to offer.
Gene Armstrong, Gibbitt Rhys-Jones, Gregory Gadow, Karen Anderson
Forgiving History
3:00:pm – 4:00:pm
When you are reading your favorite writers of old, how do you deal with outdated views on race, gender, and violence – and still enjoy the writing? What classics can still be enjoyed despite our modern sensibilities?
Frog Jones, Gibbitt Rhys-Jones, James Fiscus, John Scalzi, Sarah Gulde
What is a Furry?
Ross Island
4:00:pm – 5:00:pm
You have heard about furries, but did you hear the truth? Come find out out about the furry fandom and see if it is something you would like.
Gene Armstrong, Gibbitt Rhys-Jones, Rhiannon Louve
Sex Positivity
Ross Island
9:00:pm – 10:00:pm
[18+] They say sex sells, and it certainly seems to in the fannish community. Yet where does sexualization become objectification? And how can we strut our sexual stuff in a way that is safe and fun for everyone?
Gibbitt Rhys-Jones, Jamie Hardy, Sienna Saint-Cyr
From Prehistory to Shamanism: Theology in Search of Human Uniqueness
11:00:am – 12:00:pm
Theology in Search of Human Uniqueness
Ari Goldstein, Gibbitt Rhys-Jones, Liz Argall
Construction Toy Play Time
12:00:pm – 1:00:pm
Come and build with Legos and other toys. Sorry, only photos of your creations (not the toys) can go home with you. Age 4 & up.
Gibbitt Rhys-Jones, Shauna Mckain-Storey
LGBT in Fandom
Ross Island
3:00:pm – 4:00:pm
Inclusivity – that’s what the SF/F community is about. How to include everyone in your books, movies, circles, and how to do it naturally and correctly.
Amber Clark, Gene Armstrong, Gibbitt Rhys-Jones
Does an Advanced Civilization Really Need Sex?
4:00:pm – 5:00:pm
Our current means of shuffling genes and producing new people can be vexacious and more than a little dangerous. With the ability to take control of our genes not too far off, it may also be unnecessary. Might some branches of huamnity do away with it? What might a post-sexual culture be like?
Abbie Normal, Gerald D. Nordley, Gibbitt Rhys-Jones, Mike Moscoe
SF and Slavery
Ross Island
5:00:pm – 6:00:pm
It is more than 150 years since the Emancipation Proclamation. SF gives more attention to the issue of slavery than most fiction does; Heinlein alone wrote 3 books focusing on it. Butler’s Kindred, Asaro’s Ruby/Eube novels, Mitchell’s Cloud Atlas, a lot of fantasy novels and (lightly disguised) many robot and android stories . . . Why do our genres consider this an important contemporary topic, when so much of our culture is in denial of both slavery’s impact on who we are now, and its continued existence around the world? How does SF&F overcome that denial?
Ari Goldstein, Elizabeth Adams, Gibbitt Rhys-Jones, Jennifer Willis
How To Draw, By Not An Artist
12:00:pm – 1:00:pm
How do you draw a horse? Can I draw a horse? Nope. But I can show you steps to get you started! Please come if you are learning to draw and want to learn some tricks.
Charles Mason, Gibbitt Rhys-Jones
Parties at Cons
1:00:pm – 2:00:pm
How to throw a great party at a con without breaking the bank or trashing the hotel.
Frog Jones, Gene Armstrong, Gibbitt Rhys-Jones, Lynn Gold
Craft of Game Design
Ross Island
3:00:pm – 4:00:pm
What does it take to create a tabletop roleplaying game from the ground up? Hear from a panel of writers and artists who have invested countless hours into creating some of your favorite RPGs.
Anthony Pryor, Gibbitt Rhys-Jones, Hunter Mayer, Rhiannon Louve, Scott Woodard
Retro Robots Dance
6:00:pm – 7:00:pm
Do you and R2D2 have all the best dance moves? Wear your silver lame and circuit boards, or any costume! Come dance with us to classic sci-fi and oldies dance tunes! Youth of all ages are welcome.
Gibbitt Rhys-Jones, Meredith Cook
Furry Terminology
Ross Island
9:00:pm – 10:00:pm
If you have been to the “What is a Furry” panel, now you can learn more about our terminology.
Gene Armstrong, Gibbitt Rhys-Jones
Whither conventions?
2:00:pm – 3:00:pm
What makes a convention? How are people changing the ways conventions happen? What do newcomers want out of volunteering, what’s still true that the old-timers know, and how do we deal with getting people to actually work together?
Gene Armstrong, Gibbitt Rhys-Jones, Mir Plemmons, Tom Whitmore

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