So, I’m no fan of Trump.  I’m sure Trump is no fan of mine, either.  Me being female, opinionated, feminist, and an immigrant.

That being said, there is one thing I’ve been struggling with…


Photograph by Jason Goodrich


This.  These statues (an installation called “The Emperor has No Balls”) appeared throughout the US, bringing at first laughs, then outrage, then discussions, then more outrage.

I don’t agree with this statue.  For a couple reasons:

1)      The people responsible for this (Indecline) are no longer attacking Trumps beliefs.  Or they are, and just chose a shitty way to do it.

2)      The people responsible for this (Indecline) didn’t see Trumps naked body (or… maybe they did?).  They chose the most ridiculous (for them), most “monsterous” (for them), and most unreal (for them) body type they could.

3)      The people responsible for this (Indecline) chose the smallest realistic penis (for them) they could, and no balls.

4)      He isn’t an Emperor.  To call him one gives him power, because words have power.

I understand that they were trying to make fun of Trump, but the body style they chose, and the penis size they chose are very real sizes.  They belong to very real people.  Some of us don’t see the joke.  Some of us would date that body style.  Some of us *have* dated that body type.

Some of us know that they just called Trump a trustworthy man with the displayed size of his penis. The ancient Greeks believed that the larger the penis the more of a dickhead and an idiot you were.

Some of us are fighting the stigma that surrounds the “perfect” body type.

Some us don’t like Trump, and didn’t find that funny.  Some of us found it sizeist and hurtful.  Some even find it Transphobic. (

Some of us liken it to Trump jerking his arms in a gross parody of Times investigative reporter Serge Kovaleski (

It did what it was supposed to do.  It caused discussion.  Yeay.  It caused outrage, from people who don’t even *like* the guy.

I really wish it could have been done without resorting to fat/body shaming and penis shaming.

trumpsandwichAdditions by Ranma Kumayama retrieved from Facebook.




Rhiannon Rhys-Jones is a writer, an editor, a gamer, and a self titled “fan extraordinaire”. 


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