Love the one you’re in…

I am not a slip of a woman… I am fat.  I’m 280lbs. I’m also 5’8 (*I* say 5’9”, but my doctor says 5’7”, so we settled on 5’8”), long red hair (well… red auburn, the box said.)

…And I love the way I look. 

Now, this is a problem for most of the world.  Fat chicks aren’t supposed to love the way they look.  We’re supposed to be sad, crying, unloved.

Does this look like the face of an sad, crying, unloved woman?

Wait, I can do better!

This is me, sad, crying, and unloved

Once again, I love the way I look.  Want me to say it louder so you in the back row can hear it?  No?  okay.

It’s okay that fashion designers can’t seem to see big women. (Tim Gunn’s article)  Which I don’t understand… because we’re BIG, I don’t hide easily. It’s okay that the cool bras don’t fit me (for some reason, the half cup for a full, 10lb boob just doesn’t work), underwear that fit, well they are getting better about that… and I wear what I affectionately call “Whale thong” underwear.

I’ll spare you the picture of that.

I have a friend who wrote a blog about her stretch marks.  As soon as I read that, I went and looked at myself.  I agree with her.  I love my stretch marks too!  The DO look like the pictures of the rivers under the desert.

a bit o’ side boob there. This is *me*

I also love the way my stomach looks.  In taking a picture for another friend of mine, to show her the incisions from my hysterectomy, and I realize that my tummy looked cute. 

complete with war wounds from surgery

My legs look sexy, and I am damn fine.


I love the way I look.

I’m not saying I don’t have bad days, but all in all, I love the way I look.  Overall, my body now fits my personality.

America has a problem.  America has an obesity problem, and a shaming problem.  It’s like “Make up your mind, America!”

According to the CDC, 36.5% of Americans are obese, and we are letting the 63.5% of the (I’m sure) perfectly-healthy-no-eating-disorder people, shame us into being skinny. 


Why not love yourself, the way you are?

I’m not saying “don’t bother trying to lose weight”… people try to lose weight for all sorts of reasons.  Why not love yourself as you’re doing it? 

Art by Maya Kern

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