Been thinking hard about this since the election…(or: As far as I will get into politics right now)


I am a Canadian living in America.  I’ve been in America since I was three.  This is important to remember, because I am about to take you on a long ride.

During the election, I was telling everyone it was their *right*, as protected by the Constitution, to vote whichever way their heart desires.  I still stand by that.  I will stand by that until I breathe my last breath.  (Then I *might* re think it, but I doubt it.)

This is freakin’ AMERICA folks.  I was reading the “news” (Because, really… what is news except something that agrees with your point of view), and saw a phrase that said something like “The land of opportunity, where a shop keep’s kid can grow to be a millionaire” or something like that.  It happened with our president; real-estate mogul to president.

I’m not a fan of Trump, never claimed to be.  Wasn’t a fan of any of them.  I wasn’t going to tell anyone how to vote.  I was not going to through my voice into the pool of useless threats of “If you don’t for x you vote for z” or, inversely, “If you don’t vote for z, you vote for x”.

If the system worked, we might have had Bernie against Trump… if the system worked, some people would not have WANTED to vote 3rd party… BUT… it didn’t.  We had Hillary and Trump.  Two opposites that nobody trusted and everybody had to be weary of.

We’ve had the government, who decides who they want to be in charge, and tries their hardest to make it so.

We’ve had the media (Yes… the media played a BIG part in this), who slanted and yellowed their journalism to the sides they wanted, totally being dickheads and jamming things down our throats.

So, now that the media basically ran the election, and put in someone who has no official political background as president, here comes the post-election talk about leaving (for the 5 time in 20 years Canada’s immigration page crashed.  Want to guess when the other times were?) People are looking at Australia, Ireland, England, and even Mexico.

People are scared.  I have seen reports of Trump supporters threatening minorities and women, but I have also seen video of people beating the CRAP out of Trump supporters, or even people who they *think* *might be* Trump supporters. (Apparently, being white, male, and driving a “gas guzzler” is a crime around here)

People are scared.  NO ONE has the right to tell them to *Get over it*, that they are *over-reacting*, or *ANY* of that bullshit.  If people are scared, people have that right.

I’ve heard Liberals, who were all about gun control previously, threatening to take up arms; Conservatives, who were screaming about THIS election being rigged, suddenly doing an about face and saying “well, this is the democracy in action”.

I’ve seen finger pointing.  A LOT of finger pointing.

Finger pointing at the people who decided to “sit this one out”, pointing at people who decided they just COULD NOT STAND to see either Hillary OR Trump in office and voted third party, at the DNC, the Government. ALL THE FINGER POINTING.


I’m going to say this, and I will once again say it (and will with my dying breath too), America voted.  America chose. By the rules that were set by those before us, America decided it wanted Trump as president.  Saying “He’s not *my* president” is fine… but if the Electoral College votes he is and you are a citizen or live down here, he actually IS your president for 4 years.

2016 election results map

Be scared.  I am not going to tell you that you can’t.  Hell, *I’m* scared.  He is an unknown.  According to everything you’ve watched and heard, he is a sexual predator (MIGHT want to do some research into that, btw… just for your own clarification, and not let the media choose how you’re going to think), he has bankrupted several corporations, he has said he is going to build a wall and ban ALL Muslims, he has insulted at least 282 people, places, and things.

BE SCARED if you are scared.  Then do something (peacefully, of course).  One of the things said to me while I was telling people to vote the way they wanted to, was “The presidential race is NOT the place to be starting that. Do it at a lower level first, work your way up the chain.” Okay.  You’ve seen where the two party system has gotten us up on high… now we have a chance to change it.

A couple people have jokingly said to me, “Oh, well, you’re okay, YOU can just go back to Canada”…  Actually, you’re right.  I can. But I have lived in America since I was three.  I have had all my schooling here, made all my friends (Before this thing called “the internet” was around) down here, married down here… why the HELL would I want to “go home”?  This IS my home. This is my country by choice.  This is what I see…

I see scared people.  I see gloating people.  I see people crashing other countries’ immigration sites.  I see mean people.  I see people so sucked into what the media tells them that they won’t take a shit or talk to their neighbor unless the media says it’s good for them (both are, btw… but not at the same time.)

I have been asked to 4 different protest groups on Facebook.  No, not asked… ADDED.  Every one of them is inciting violence in some form or another.  I bowed out.

  • Didn’t condone it against the last president
  • Won’t condone it against the next, even though I don’t agree with who it is.
  • Or the one after that.
  • Respect the office, if not the person.

If you’re scared, if you’re angry, if you’re hurt… educate yourself on what the constitution actually says. Wake up, educate yourself, and don’t just listen to what our sides’ media tells us.  Do something on that local level people were talking about.


It’s NOT going to be “great” again.  It will never be like it was before this election cycle again.  Like when the gas prices went from 1$ to 4$ in under a year… then crawled down to 3$, and 2$.  Everybody went “Oh, that’s better!”… it wasn’t where it was.  There was no “again” in that.  Or when last year, the HIV druglord went “Oh, I’m going to raise this 5000%!” and there were screams and cries and “don’t you care, you brute?” and he said “haha, just screwing with you, it’s only going to be raised 300%(or something)” and everyone said, with an exhalation of breath “Oh, that’s better”… not the way it was… not better there was no “again” in that.

Which brings me to this:

I’m getting naturalized as soon as I can afford to so that I can BE a part of the change, and not just a passive voice.



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