Beautiful Mugs! (sales post)

So, I’m very pleased to announce that my husband’s publishing company, Dragondyne Publishing, has a guest artist for mugs.  Artist Gillian Hanington has painted some beautiful mandalas that have been turned into mugs (one of which you have seen one of these holding my coffee), and we signed an agreement with her.  We are selling them for a limited time only!

You must order these by the 10th of December in order to get them by the 23rd.  If you can do pick up, you have till the 15th.

1.    cc00sepiasfinal   CC00SEPIAS (6 mugs) $85+S&H

2.       cc01rsidefinal     CC01R $25+S&H

3.      cc02rfinal       CC02R $25+S&H

4.     cc03rfinal     CC03R $25+S&H

5.    cc04rfinal      CC04R $25+S&H

6.   cc05bfinal      CC05B $25+S&H

7.   cc07rfinal    CC07R $25+S&H

8.  cc08bfinal     CC08B $25+S&H

9.   cc10bfinal      CC10B $25+S&H

10. cc13bfinal  CC13B $25+S&H

11.   cc14bfinal CC14B $25+S&H

12.   cc16rfinal    CC16R $25+S&H

13.   cc17rfinal   CC17R $25+S&H

14.   cc18bfinal   CC18B $25+S&H

Buy 12 of the large cups, get one free!

We are so excited that she has joined us, even for this limited time.  As is she!  She is designing Dragondyne Publishing mugs for us as well!

Email with what you want, and I’ll send you a PayPal receipt.



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