My Panel Schedule for Radcon 7A

I’m speaking at Radcon 7A (February 17 – 19, 2017)!!!

I know, I know… a little close to be posting it, but… here it is!

Time Room Panel
Fri Feb 17 5:45:pm 2205 Historical Fantasy
Hennig, Jeanine Hill, Laurel Anne Rhys-Jones, Gibbitt Vanessa MacLellan Historical fantasy is set in real historical time that incorporates fantastic elements (such as magic) into the narrative. Jonathan Strange & Mr Norrell, the Historian, Outlander, Abraham Lincoln Vampire Hunter are just a few examples. Let’s talk Historical fantasy. How accurate does the history have to be? How much fantasy elements does it need? Any favorites?
Fri Feb 17 8:15:pm Harvest Makeup fx on the cheap
Briggs, Laura Calkins, Amy Langdell, Jess Mclean, Adam Rhys-Jones, Gibbitt  Got a passion for makeup or just want a cool costume? Don’t have the money for ALL the makeups? Relax, come listen to some awesome people tell and show you how to reuse your everyday makeup as show makeup.
Fri Feb 17 9:30:pm 2209 Understanding the SF Alternative communities
Excell, Tamra Flesher, Luna Jackson, Craig Rhys-Jones, Gibbitt  What do the group marriage NEST in Stranger in a Strange Land, the Multi Generational Line Marriage in Moon is a Harsh Mistress and Lazarus Long’s family in Time Enough for Love, all have in common? Relationships that are not just one man and one woman – that’s what! Come sit down in this round table environment and talk about the different lifestyles that interest you.
Sat Feb 18 12:45:pm 2209 Women and LGBTQA in Gaming
Caille, Jensen Caldwell, Synthia Olin, Kirsten Quinn, Sara Rhys-Jones, Gibbitt  Women and the LGBTQA community are a growing force in the gaming world. Come discuss how to get involved as a woman or LGBTQA, challenges we face and solutions for those tough situations.
Sat Feb 18 2:00:pm 2201 Research, not just for scholars anymore
Guizzetti, Elizabeth Hennig, Jeanine McCaffrey, Todd Rhys-Jones, Gibbitt Townsend, S. Evan It used to be that research was only available in libraries, but now, with the internet, you should not have inconsistencies with your books. Why do some authors do research and others not?
Sat Feb 18 5:45:pm 2201 Editing: the toughest part of writing
Clegg, Jaleta Kolva, Sanan Reynolds-Ward, Joyce Rhys-Jones, Gibbitt Taylor, Bruce Editing. You have the editors, and you have the writer… how do you make both happy?
Sat Feb 18 7:00:pm 2201 Writer’s workshop
Hill, Laurel Anne Johnson, Judy Jones, Peter Rhys-Jones, Gibbitt Wilmerding, Elizabeth Submit the first 10 pages of your novel or a short story (approx. 8000 words) or 3 flash fiction (approx. 500-1000 words) pieces to a panel of previously published writers or editors. We will read your work and provide constructive comments to help you move forward. Space limit: 10
Sat Feb 18 9:30:pm Harvest Poly Hangout
Excell, Tamra, Jackson, Craig Loomis, Cassandra Martin, Barbara Olin, Kirsten Rhys-Jones, Gibbitt Wiley, Kevin Polyamory support and hangout. Meet some real poly people in an open hang out. First half hour will be discussing what poly is, the rest of the time will be mingling and talking to people who are poly and discovering what it is about.
Sun Feb 19 10:15:am 2207 Writing furry.
Armstrong, Gene Caille, Jensen Pauli, Frances Rhys-Jones, Gibbitt  Writing the anthromorphs back into your stories.
Sun Feb 19 11:30:am 2201 Writing with Dyslexia
Bennett, Jeanette Jones, Esther Jones, Peter Rhys-Jones, Gibbitt Rounds, Mark Dyslexic Writer is not the incongruous oxymoron it sounds like. We will discuss tricks to help you with your short comings as well as how to best use your creative gifts.

Hope I see you there! (through all the snow… and ice…and cold…)




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