Schedule for Rustycon 35

So, one of my favorite things to do is put myself into stressful situations.  One of those situations is Rustycon.  I was Vice Chair this year.  I had stepped down from being programming.  I only have FOUR panels this year.  Three of them are required of the Vice Chair.

Here’s my schedule!

Fri Jan 12 4:00:pm Snoqualmie Opening Ceremonies
“Gibbitt” Rhys-Jones, David Langmack Gene Armstrong Jonathan Tweet Katie Croonenberghs Lee Fuller North Come join us to find out what is happening, meet the GOHs and hear from our Chairs. You never know what surprising things may happen at the Opening Ceremonies.
Sat Jan 13 8:00:pm Salon H Writing Kink, Inserting a Little Practicality into your Fantasy
“Gibbitt” Rhys-Jones Mike Birch Sarah Steever As much as Kink has been a part of fantasy and erotica for centuries of writing, modern readers only have 50 Shades of Grey as a popular reference for the Kink Lifestyle. People experienced in that lifestyle can tell you how inaccurate those books are, so how can you write kink in a way that is both hot, and realistic? Come talk to writers experienced in the lifestyle to discuss some of the real experienced people have when practicing kink, and how that can reflect in your writing.
Sun Jan 14 3:00:pm Snoqualmie Slugs & Salt
“Gibbitt” Rhys-Jones David Langmack Lee Fuller Tell members of Concom what you think about Rustycon 35 and what you would like to see at Rustycon 36.
Sun Jan 14 4:00:pm Snoqualmie Closing Ceremonies
“Gibbitt” Rhys-Jones,  David Langmack Gene Armstrong Jonathan Tweet Katie Croonenberghs Lee Fuller North Come Say goodbye and see what we have planned for next year! Also to include volunteer awards



There IS more to come in a bit.  I’ve been working on several articles in my head!


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