Schedule for Radcon 7B

Here is my schedule for Radcon 2018.  I am excited upon excite to be invited to Radcon, and am looking forward to sitting on these panels with friends (both current and future)!


Fri Feb 16 3:15:pm 2311 (Fan Suite) (Re)Tired Genres?
Crissy Moss Deby Fredericks Gibbitt Rhys-Jones Julie McGalliard Michael Ehart Noire, Vampires, Zombies…. What are some of the tired genres? Ones you think should be retired, and why they are not.
Fri Feb 16 5:45:pm 2209 The Miracle of Critique
Frances Pauli Gibbitt Rhys-Jones Kamila Miller S. Evan Townsend Vanessa MacLellan Afraid of criticism? You shouldn’t be. If you’re writing to be read, your first round of readers should be those who care about your success and are willing to offer their honest suggestions. Learn how giving and receiving critiques is a necessary tool for every writer’s toolkit. Learn where to find writer’s workshops, what to look for in a writer’s group, and how to find or start one. Come and discover why the honest, constructive opinions of others allows your story or novel to become the best it can be.
Fri Feb 16 7:00:pm 2205 Avoid These Grammar Mistakes
Frog Jones Gibbitt Rhys-Jones S. Evan Townsend Sanan Kolva Vanessa MacLellan What is a comma splice? How do you use a semicolon? Does anyone care about the Oxford comma? Learn about common grammar mistakes and how to avoid them as picky writers and editors tell you the mysteries of the dangling participle.
Fri Feb 16 8:15:pm 2207 Questions you always wanted to ask: Editor
Esther Jones Frog Jones Gibbitt Rhys-Jones Laurel Anne Hill Sanan Kolva Do we really have horns under our hats? Do we really enjoy torturing writers? Are we really as mean as people say? What have you always wanted to ask an editor, but have been too afraid to, or not known any to ask.
Sat Feb 17 9:00:am 2201 Mythology and Art
Cassaundra Excell Gibbitt Rhys-Jones Tamra Excell Ty Hulse For thousands of years mythology has inspired our greatest works of art.
Sat Feb 17 4:30:pm 2207 Questions you always wanted to ask: Writer
Bobbie Benton Hull Deby Fredericks Gibbitt Rhys-Jones Jaleta Clegg Sara A. Mueller They are your questions, they are their answers. Some are going to be fun, and others serious. This is up to you, the audience.
Sat Feb 17 7:00:pm 2205 The State of the Whoniverse: Doctor Who in 2018 and Beyond
Eric Gjovaag Gibbitt Rhys-Jones Jack of all Arts “Doctor Who” now has a new Doctor, new companions, a new showrunner, and yet another new lease on life. Find out what’s happening with the show’s upcoming season, and what might happen after that.
Sat Feb 17 8:15:pm Sage Geek Boys vs. Geek Girls: An Empathetic Look at Gender in the Geek Community
Gibbitt Rhys-Jones Synthia Caldwell Through the 70s, 80s, and 90s, geeks banded together against an oppressive world that mistreated us and refused to understand us. We created acceptance and friends where previously we had only experienced bullying and ostracism. Now some geeks feel oppressed by a new threat: feminism. Except, the threat isn’t new. And it isn’t a threat. Male geeks and geek feminists have more in common than we have different. Let’s discuss the intersectionality of the geek cause with the feminist cause, and why inclusion, not busty body armor, should be the common interest that holds the geek community together.
Sat Feb 17 9:30:pm 2209 Positive Touch: Positive Depictions of Sex
Carly Rossi Cassandra Loomis Gibbitt Rhys-Jones Kamila Miller Lovett, John Since the 60’s our culture has been re-examining sexual norms, everything from fidelity and monogamy to BDSM and gay marriages. A frank discussion about changing attitudes toward sex, relationships, the cultural battles being waged and what it means.
Sun Feb 18 11:30:am 2209 Special Effects on the Cheap
Christine Barkl Gibbitt Rhys-Jones Harry Marsh Kurbii KahlevRa Pope, Eric You don’t have very many resources to spend on special fx make up, what do you do? Listen to amateur make up artists what there is around the house that can be made into costumes with little or no prep or money, incl, how to make your daily make up work for it.
Sun Feb 18 12:45:pm 2201 So You Want to Start a Convention
Eric Gjovaag Gene Armstrong Gibbitt Rhys-Jones The title says it all. Come learn about how to start your own convention.



See y’all there!!!


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